HempWorx Offers New Payout Options to Affiliates!

We thought it couldn’t get any better, but it just did! Effective May 1st 2020, HempWorx Pays in Gold, Silver, Platinum AND Bitcoin~! With the changing economy, what a great option to be able to invest in precious metals! Excellent investment opportunity that Affiliates are excited about!

We are pretty sure HempWorx / My Daily Choice is the first direct sales, mlm, affiliate company to offer payment in precious metals! What a great incentive. This company is continually evolving and offering their members incredible options; whether in product choices, comp plan options or marketing tools.

HempWorx Pays – So Join!

The fact that the world is rapidly changing is pushing more and more people to choose to build a business from home. Becoming a self employed entrepreneur has never been more attractive than right now! What makes HempWorx a great direct sales company choice? Several reasons!

  • Weekly pay with several options like direct deposit or precious metals.
  • HempWorx pays in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Bitcoin!
  • HempWorx offers incredible products!
  • A 60 day money back guarantee that is no risk to you!
  • Compensation plan that pays out up to 85% of BV!
  • Global opportunity!

Investing in Precious Metals

With so much uncertainty in the world, investing in precious metals is a smart option. The fact that HempWorx pays in gold and silver etc… is an incredible way to invest weekly in a highly sought after commodity. The owners of HempWorx / My Daily Choice are brilliant at providing unique options to their growing band of affiliates around the globe. It’s no wonder the company is taking off like a rocket!

If you are looking for a direct sales option, this is one to take a look at for sure. You are basically joining a turnkey business. Everything is provided. The marketing tools, the websites, the incredible products and order fulfillment are all handled by corporate office. All YOU have to do is promote! Get paid weekly for your efforts and see if this may be the life changing solution you have been seeking!



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