Essentiables Sanitary Napkins

Essentiables Sanitary Napkins


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Healthy, Safe Protection

A new safe, non-toxic, ultra absorbent way to stay protected and dry when you really need it!

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A Safe Solution for Feminine Protection

Looking for a smarter and safer choice in menstrual protection? We’ve got it for you! Essentiables Sanitary Napkins are premium, non-toxic sanitary napkins that are ten times more absorbent and much safer for your body than conventional pads. They are also made from a breathable material, which makes them a smarter, safer choice when selecting menstruation protection options.

Complete Protection, Yet Comfortable

You can expect complete protection from Essentiables Liners, yet they are so thin and flexible, you will hardly notice you are wearing them. This revolutionary sanitary napkin holds 300 times its own weight! Designed with 9 layers of super absorbent material, it’s 10 times more efficient than conventional pads. We all know some liners are uncomfortable and won’t stay put. Essentiables Sanitary Napkins have a soft cotton outer layer with additional side protection to prevent leaks — even on your heaviest days. These liners are non-toxic and free of chlorine. Developed with a negative ion strip that can neutralize odors and help you manage your menstrual cycle. Now you can have the confidence to stay active and dry on your busiest day.

Available in different absorbencies: Liners25 pack, Day Use10 pack, Night Use8 pack, Overnight Use8 pack

Benefits of Essentiables Sanitary Napkins

  • Free of chlorine and potentially harmful substances from conventional products
  • Ultimate dryness and airflow to support healthy menstruation
  • Thin, flexible material stays put all day long
  • Water-resistant bottom layer allows air circulation, reducing heat and moisture
  • Additional side layer prevents leakage
  • 360-wrapping protection layer
  • Soft and breathable material for premium comfort and dryness
  • Patented negative ion strip that may neutralize odors and better manage menstruation
  • Breathable layer guides fluid to the super-absorbent polymer gel
  • Crystal-like particle layer quickly locks in fluids for continued dryness
  • 9 Layers of Ultimate Comfort and Protection
  • Soft natural cotton surface for comfort and instant absorption
  • Non-toxic adhesive to natural lock-in fluid
  • Individually packaged for superior safety and hygiene


Warning: Essentiables Sanitary Napkins are for external use only. Please keep plastic bag away from babies and children to avoid suffocation.

1 review for Essentiables Sanitary Napkins

  1. Anne

    These are awesome!~ So comfortable and such a great value. The toxic crud in the stores cost the same so why not have the best??

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