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Hemp Momma Hemp Clothing by MyDailychoice

Hemp Momma is a NEW sustainable hemp clothing line by MyDailyChoice! The sixth brand to be added to the company portfolio offers premium quality hemp clothes for men and women! This exquisite boutique line has launched in the USA and Canada and will go international after that!

About Hemp Momma Clothing

At Hemp Momma we are guided by the principle “leave it better than you found it.”  Every decision concerning our materials and manufacturing process is made with that in mind. We believe style and sustainability should go hand in hand. We blend hemp with complementary yarns to create ultra comfy and appealing products.


We harness the energy of Mother Earth to turn hemp, a natural and beautiful fabric, into clothing you will love. We create hemp clothing with respect to nature, each decision mindfully made.

Hemp is a super fabric. It becomes more comfortable the more you wear it. It cleans easy thanks to a natural micro layer. It is more resilient and lasts longer than other fabrics and hemp is far better for the environment than most of the materials you’ll find in your closet. The production process is simple, safe and Mother Earth approved. We know you’ll approve as well. Welcome to Hemp Momma – a clothing line made for your life!

Check out some of the beautiful hemp clothing by Hemp Momma!

Yes, because it is breathable and warm. This is because of the fact that hemp fibres are hollow in structure hence capable of thermo-regulation naturally. As a result, there is sufficient air circulating in between your body and the fabric during hot months while cold weather allows you to heat up yourself. So, rather than fighting against the material, one’s core body temperature can be regulated by it. So hemp clothing is perfect for all weather conditions.

Hemp fabric is not prone to shrinking and has excellent resistance to pilling. Thanks to the long and strong fibers derived from the hemp plant, this fabric is incredibly soft yet remarkably durable. While a regular cotton T-shirt usually lasts no longer than 10 years, a hemp T-shirt can endure for twice or even three times as long. So, if you’re looking for a fabric that combines comfort and longevity, hemp fabric is the way to go!