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Fuel Factor X is a new fuel additive that will improve your gas and diesel mileage as well as extend your engine’s life and increase horsepower! Start saving at the pump with every fill up. Use in any combustible engine: cars, trucks, tractor trailers, generators, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles… and more! Lots of size options! From 55 gallon drums to single use foil packs.

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Introducing Fuel Factor X by MyDailyChoice

Are you sick of the insane gas and diesel prices? Is it costing you a fortune to drive to work? How about just enjoying your favourite toys like your boat, ATV or even farm tractor? Are you a truck driver? These diesel prices are biting into your bottom line big time! Well, there’s help for this and it WORKS! It’s called Fuel Factor X and is a new brand under mydailychoice. The company that brought you HempWorx, has now brought the world a product that will help us all NOW!

Fuel Factor X is now available in multiple sizes. 55 gallon drums for fleet operators or those with more engines to service as well as 5 gallon and 1 gallon right down to single serve sizes! There’s a right size for everyone that wants to save on fuel!

You don’t have to stop using fuel to reduce emissions. You just have to starting using it smarter! With FFX you get a more efficient burn, which means LESS GAS and DIESEL is wasted! When you use Fuel Factor X, dangerous by-products like particulates, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons do not form and emissions are significantly reduced! You can lower your carbon footprint with FFX. Just pour it in your tank and it goes right to work!

Increases Gas Mileage & Saves You Money!

So what exactly does Fuel Factor X do? Well most importantly it IMPROVES FUEL ECONOMY which saves you money! Fuel consumption is reduced resulted in INCREASED MILES PER GALLON. This advanced fuel treatment eliminates the need to fill up with PREMIUM fuel too. Yes, you can use just regular grade gas, add FFX to each fill up and it’s like your putting the highest octane gas in your tank! Get more out of every tank!

All-In-One Solution

Fuel Factor X is a comprehensive fuel treatment. There are other products that have one or two of our components but none that has them all! It would take mixing many many products to come even close to what FFX offers, and that would cost a fortune and negate any fuel savings, right? Right!

Prolongs Engine Life & Reduces Wear

FFX uses a combination of ingredients that work together to keep your engine clean and running optimally. Because the moving parts of the engine and fuel system have less friction, your engine will run longer, work more efficiently and cost less to maintain.

Reduces Harmful Emissions & Pollutants

When less pollutants are in the exhaust pipe, the planet benefits with a cleaner environment.

Improves Vehicle Performance & Horsepower

Expect better performance because FFX burns more of the available British Thermal Units (BTU’s).

The Fuel Factor X Difference

When Can You Order?

Pre-orders begin April 8th.  Shipping will start in the USA and then expand internationally to Canada, Europe and Latin America with other countries to follow.

What Does Fuel Factor X Cost?

  • 4 oz bottle is $59.00 U.S. It treats 320 gallons or approximately 16 tanks if you have a 20 gallon tank.
  • Single Foil Packs $4.99 U.S. treats 20 gallons
  • 16 Foil Packs $69.00 U.S. and treats 16 20 gallon tanks

Please note, for your first 2-3 fill ups, you need to DOUBLE dose. This cleans up your engine and fuel lines so the product can get to work.

SAFE for ALL Combustible Engines

Use FFX with every fill up in all gas and diesel engines. Use in cars, trucks, RV’s, ATV’s, Motorcycles, Generators, Boats and Heavy Equipment.

What’s In It?

Fuel Factor X is like super food for your engine.  There are multiple ingredients, each designed for specific purpose. Let’s take a look:

Organometallic Compound
A catalyst that ignites fuel at a lower temperature, providing a longer and more complete burn. This improves efficiency and improves economy. Emissions are reduced as there is less waste exiting the exhaust system. The Organometallic Compound burns more of the available BTU’s of the fuel.

Reduces friction from pistons, pumps and injectors which ultimately wear down the engine, therefore prolonging the engine’s working life.

Cleans and maintains injectors, as well as the rest of the fuel system, so the engine works as efficiently as possible.

Polymerization Retardants
Reduces solids that form in the fuel tank and keep the engine clean, prolonging the life of all engine parts.

Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors
Removes and prevents rust in the fuel system, keeping it running efficiently.

Helps separate water from fuel. A single drop of water can cause an injector to fail and damage the entire engine.

Fuel Stabilizer
Stabilizes fuel to keep it from breaking down and deteriorating thus giving a longer shelf life to your gas and diesel.

Fuel Factor X Frequently Asked Questions

Does FFX affect warranties?
FFX does not change the specs of gas or diesel (see ASTM D975). If FFX does not change the specs it cannot affect the warranties. Mydailychoice also maintains insurance for any claims that may occur by using the additive.

Are there special instructions for using FFX?
You should double dose your first 2-3 tanks and then use one dose per fill up after that. For generators, we recommend 3-5 double doses. Follow the dosage guidelines on your FFX package.

How can I reduce my emissions with FFX?
The Organometallic Compound utilized in FFX is referred to as a sandwich compound, which is generally classified as a burn rate modifier for all types of fuels. The active ingredient compound reduces combustion ignition delay and helps to remove existing carbon formulation on internal combustion components, resulting in improved engine life, improved fuel economy and reduction of emissions.

What is the treatment ration for FFX?
Between 1:5,000 to 1:10,000 (1 part FFX to 5,000 or 10,000 parts fuel) depending on whether gas or diesel is used. Heavy fuels will have a lower treat ratio compared to No. 2 diesel, ethanol or 83-89 octane fuels.

Does FFX help with lubrication?
Yes it does. In newer, lower sulphur fuels there is a lack of lubricity agent. This means injectors are not getting enough lubrication. FFX  has a high level of lubricity which helps the engine run longer and more efficiently which in turn lowers maintenance issues.

How can I be assured the use of Fuel Factor X will not cause my engine to malfunction?
FFX was specifically tested to ensure complete compliance with the applicable standards associations’ performance criteria. This includes the American Society of Technology and Materials (ASTM).

What impact will the use of FFX have on maintenance costs and engine life expectancy?
FFX was formulated to reduce solids, water, rust and corrosion. With its detergents and lubricity agents it will help clean and protect fuel tanks, fuel lines, pumps, filters and injectors. FFX also benefits engine valves, pistons, rings and cylinders eliminating carbon build up and significantly increasing engine life.

What if I don’t see an immediate improvement in fuel economy?
There are many factors that contribute to automobile fuel economy. Some may need to use FFX over a longer period of time depending on engine type, age of vehicle and maintenance. Increases in fuel economy are just one of the benefits of FFX. This is a scientific product that works every time. And we offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! So you can’t lose!

Fuel Factor X Benefits


Would you like to be a Fuel Factor X Rep?

Become an affiliate with Mydailychoice and you can help people save at the pump too! Start your own home based business selling our high performance fuel additive. Help your friends and family save on gas and diesel purchases and build a residual income!

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Fuel Factor X

38 reviews for Fuel Factor X

  1. Karen V

    Driving home from our meeting in Las Vegas and already getting an extra 7 mpg! This stuff works!

  2. Dallas

    A great product that really improves fuel mileage … highly recommend.

  3. Debbie

    I pull a big horse trailer and fuel costs are so high I had to try something. Fuel Factor X really does work. My mileage is increasing with each use. Been using for 3 weeks now.

  4. Jesus

    I’ve gotta say that FFX works pretty darn good. I got a tundra and they eat up gas but when I put a small amount of FFX in my truck it’s like if it burns the gas slower now. I’m still at 1/4 of a tank and I just used FFX 2 days ago. My truck used to burn through 1/4 in a day. I’m not even exaggerating on how good it actually works

  5. J Reynolds

    Love this product! Increase my MPG from 14 to 16.7 in our 2020 Airstream Interstate. It’s a Diesel engine and I didn’t think we’d see a lot of benefits, but I was wrong… I’m using less DEF and getting better mileage since starting FFX. Love this!

  6. C Robinson

    This product has been a game changer for me!! Across my fleet of vehicles/heavy equipment it saves me over 13% on my fuel bill month after month. I believe my savings is bigger as I have noticed cleaner stronger running engines as well as much cleaner oil on my services.

  7. Karen V

    I am so excited about using FFX! We averaged a 5-7 MPG increase right away and have continued to get better fuel mileage. My husband was a little skeptical at first but quickly changed his mind. We use it in all our vehicles and love it!

  8. Tina C

    I freaked out when I started using FFX. I am saving between 7-9.8 MPG. This product is saving us so much money on fuel.

  9. R Gonzales

    When a product is too good to be true I’m sure it raises a lot of red flags. Lets be honest, this is definitely one of these products.. but at the same time I personally cant afford not to try it during this fuel crisis we are having. So I pulled the trigger and bought me a bottle. I didnt let myself have high expectations right off the bat and I’m honestly glad I didn’t. I didn’t notice anything the first time I double dosed other than the savings I gained from SAFELY gassing up from premium to unleaded (about 40cents per gallon). Im on my 3rd “pump” and I can say BOY does this work. It has stretched my fuel life in my tank by about 148 miles. Meaning the 148miles I was loosing without using this product (going out my tailpipe), is now being burned more efficiently every time i dose up allowing me to utilize my gas rather than let it go out my exhaust. Cant wait to see if i get more out of it down the road. Test it yourself by downloading a mile tracker and calculate!

  10. Amy N

    I noticed on day 4 the horse power in my car was significantly increased. It also shifted better on the gears. Can not wait to see how much more I get in gas mileage on a tank of gas. Super excited to promote this to everyone!!!

  11. Phillip R

    Been using FFX for over a decade in all of my vehicles. Never have to use premium fuel on my Porsche. Our Ford truck has more horsepower carrying our Host Mammoth camper. Will never drive without it.

  12. Eniko V

    Already by the first use of FFX, I saw that my fuel economy was 8% better, than the average earlier. Instead of 6,4 liters / 100 km consumption, after more than 800 km drive, I had 5,9 liters / 100 km. I happy with this first result.

  13. Jodi N

    Before using FFX my “miles until empty” would average around 380. My second fill up it went to 415, third fill up 454, it just keeps getting better and better!! I am getting more miles per tank which means I’m saving money and spending less time between fills!!

  14. Hicks Fam

    After just a few double doses in our diesel dually truck, the FFX is definitely working! We seem to be gaining anywhere from 3-7mpg, pulling our 42ft 5th wheel RV, which is a big deal with these high diesel prices. My husband also said he felt like it was pulling smoother and having to work less. We will continue to use because it seems to be getting better results over time.

  15. SVI Inc

    Love this product! Increased my MPG from 14 to 16.7 in our 2020 Airstream Interstate. It’s a Diesel engine and I didn’t think we’d see a lot of benefits, but I was wrong… I’m using less DEF and getting better mileage since starting FFX. Love this!

  16. Rob H

    FFX Works!! Being a Master ASE Mechanic totally understand the science behind this work every time! We got 7 miles more per gallon on our 1st tank! FFX makes us money just by using it! FFX is a necessity product, not a luxury! It’s a need not a want! Thank you!

  17. Jacqueline J

    My engine sounds different! wow! No loudness no smoke Sounds smooth! One double dose of FFX! First time I put it in my car! Car was sitting all winter and black smoke came out the exhaust and the engine was rattling and LOUD. Its also a 1988 crx. Not now.

  18. Dave H

    Using FFX and on my first tank of using it. I’ve gained 6 more miles to the gallon on my best score. Big change for the average, went from 19.1 to 33.8 Can’t wait to see how much more it goes up on the 2nd. Tank!

  19. Ed M

    I’ve always used different additives fuel & oil It’s called “pride of ownership” But only if you want your vehicle’s to last New engines are not cheap. Trust me! Worst part is the downtime. Now with exclusive access to FFX we can protect our engines. I could care less about more MPG that’s just a bonus and I’ll take it! My testimony so far is a noticeable HP increase in BIGVANGO 110k miles and runs like new & 6.0! Wanna Race? Thanks FFX

  20. Jason

    I use it with every fill up. Drive a big Dodge Ram and it’s a pig on gas. This really makes a difference. At least 15% savings on my monthly fuel bill.

  21. Dakin

    Been using in our boat as we do a lot of boating in the summer. So far so good! Definitely getting better economy. Will try in all our vehicles.

  22. Maurice

    Great product! Fuel Factor X works.

  23. Roy

    Getting more miles with my tractor trailer… only way to go with the price of diesel these days

  24. David

    If you want a clean engine that performs optimally, this product is awesome. I don’t have to use any other additives

  25. Dana

    We own a trucking fleet in California and buy the bulk drum. It’s saved us a lot on our monthly fuel costs. Definitely worth it with these insane gas prices!

  26. Lucy

    This is a great gas treatment. Super easy to put in when I fill up. As a single woman, I like how easy it is to use and I am seeing an improvement in my fuel mileage! It works!

  27. Dak

    My friend recommended. Didn’t really think it would do anything but my MPG has increased 10% already in just a month.

  28. Thomas

    Using this in all of our farm equipment and in our vehicles. It’s great it can be bought in bulk quantities. Very good fuel saving product.

  29. DentalFerse

    Helping my families budget for sure. Gas prices are ridiculous. Fuel FX makes a difference for sure!

  30. LucasLit

    Fuel Factor X really does improve mileage. I like it so much I’m going to sell it too!

  31. Dak

    I have noticed a significant improvement in the amount I am filling up. Definitely Fuel Factor X is saving me money.

  32. James

    Fuel Factor X is a super cool product. I like that it’s cleaning my engine and improving my fuel consumption at the same time. The way gas prices are, I can see this being a good product to buy for a while!

  33. Lori

    Two thumbs up.

  34. Bill

    Yes it really does save you money on fuel. Improving my mileage.

  35. Adam

    It’s a great additive. I’m super picky about what goes in my car. This passes all my checks and it is saving me money on fuel.

  36. Derrick

    My hummer is hummin’ fine on Fuel Factor X. I give it a 5 star review. Most excellent juice for my ride.

  37. Patrickerutt

    This is very popular here in Italy. Very good product. It works. Save yourself some money on fuel!

  38. Camille

    Would definitely buy again. It works very well.

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