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Detox – Body Melt


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Need a reset? DETOX by Body Melt can help you rid your body of years of toxin build up. Feel energized and refreshed. Weight management works best when your body is cleaned up!

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Body Melt DETOX

Kick Toxins to the Curb

If you thought a detox couldn’t be effective, gentle, and safe all at the same time, you’ve never detoxed the way nature intended. Our quality, natural ingredients and proven formula breaks through years, even decades of built-up toxins, eliminating them from your system so your body is prepared to absorb healthy nutrients. It’s one of many reasons so many diets fail, you can’t rebuild a healthy system until you eliminate what’s making you unhealthy. Toxins are a huge part of that.

Is losing a weight a struggle? Well we have a  new tool that could help you immensely. It focuses on the psychological aspect of weight loss and helps us to stop self sabotage and losing and re-gaining weight. Set yourself up for success. Watch the video on this page and see if you think it could be the missing link.

Allergen Info: Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan

Ingredients: Spirulina Powder (Whole Plant), Chlorella (Whole Plant and Broken Cells), Cascara Sagrada (Bark), Aloe Vera Extract (Leaf), Ginger Extract (Root), Senna Extract (Leaf), Slippery Elm (Bark), Licorice Extract Deglycyrrhizanted (Root), Peppermint Powder (Leaf), Dandelion Powder (Root), Fennel Extract (Seed), Garlic Powder (Bulb), Cayenne Powder (Fruit), Cranberry Fruit (Extract), Black Pepper (Fruit), Vegan Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Rice Fiber.

4 reviews for Detox – Body Melt

  1. Mike D

    Since using this product, I have experienced better sleep and more energy during the day.

  2. Olga

    Csodálatos termék, rendkivül hatékony kiméletes egyszerűen imádom, már több dobozzal elfogyasztottam.

  3. Deana

    This Detox supplement is mild yet very effective. The BodyMelt system is amazing!

  4. Patricia Godin

    J’ai commencé à prendre les comprimés Detox voilà 2 mois. Je me sentais souvent gonflée et ballonnée et dès la première journée, le nettoyage de mes intestins a commencé mais pas comme si j’avais pris un laxatif. Ça s’est plutôt fait doucement et naturellement et quel soulagement ce fut! On ne peut débuter une perte de poids sans enlever les vieilles toxines qui engorgent nos intestins. J’ai perdu 6 lbs la première semaine. Mon ventre n’est plus gonflé et je n’ai plus de ballonnement. Je le recommande en accompagnement pour tout régime alimentaire.

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