Frequently Asked HempWorx Questions:

How much CBD should I use?2019-11-04T12:11:27-08:00

You can use up to a full dropper, twice a day. As a dietary supplement, place 20 drops under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. A 20 drop serving of HempWorx 500 = 10mg of CBD. A 20 drop serving of HempWorx 750 = 15mg, 20 drops of HempWorx 1500mg = 30mg per 20 drops and a 20 drop serving our pet 250mg CBD = 5mg.

When you first start taking CBD, start with just a few drops 2 x a day and gradually increase over 7 to 10 days.

What is the number to HempWorx head office?2019-11-04T12:17:23-08:00

Please contact HempWorx corporate office in Las Vegas in the following ways:

HempWorx Corporate Address:

8840 West Russell, Road Suite 245
Las Vegas, NV 89148

HempWorx Corporate Customer Service Numbers:

US: +1 (888) 877-5436
Canada: +1 (705) 995-1601
UK: +44-808-164-7974

HempWorx Support Email:


Looking for a Rep / Affiliate?

Call +1 (833) 633-4367 to reach Denise at CBD Online.

How do I login to my HempWorx account?2019-11-04T12:07:47-08:00

Go to www.hempworx.com and in the top right hand corner on a PC or at the top of the screen on your mobile device, click LOGIN.  Enter the username and password you set up when you first ordered.  If you do not remember your username and password, go to LOGIN and under the big blue login button, it says Need Password Help? Click that. In the third box, enter your email address and the system will send your information to you. If you do not see it within a few minutes, check your junk folder.  If it doesn’t arrive, call HempWorx Corporate Customer Service for account help at: +1 (888) 877-5436 or you can also email support@mydailychoice.com.

What is the difference between full spectrum and THC free?2019-11-04T12:16:34-08:00

HempWorx full spectrum oil uses the entire hemp plant and contains trace THC. You will not get high but it can show on a drug test. If you are drug screened at work use the THC free version.

Is it Safe to Buy CBD Online?2019-11-04T12:13:23-08:00

Yes! It can be if you know what to look for. Read this article on how to safely buy cbd online.

How can I become a HempWorx Affiliate?2019-11-04T12:06:15-08:00

If you would like to join the HempWorx Success Team, then sign up at this link: www.hempworxbizop.com/CBDD

Watch a 25 Minute Presentation about the HempWorx Opportunity: https://youtu.be/-qSU0nlhyAA

The Success Team is one of the largest teams in the company. We offer awesome training and support online in our Facebook forums and also have a great team website with loads of tools to help you get your business off the ground. Be mentored by senior leadership!

If you have already been dealing with a rep, please contact them and get their link to join. Everyone’s working hard to spread the word about this amazing company so be sure to make sure you join the rep that referred you.

If you know the reps name but lost their contact info, HempWorx Corporate office can help you: +1 (888) 877-5436 or email: support@mydailychoice.com

What is a Referrer?2019-11-04T12:15:48-08:00

A referrer is the person that has referred you to HempWorx. If someone introduced you to HempWorx, be sure to use their link so that they can get the credit for the sale. CBD Online is a HempWorx Affiliate and also a “referrer” = CBDD.  Any ordering link on this site will put you under the CBD Online Success team. If you are trying to order under a specific person, then do not order from this site. Get your affiliates link. You can also call HempWorx Corporate customer service to find out your referrer’s link: +1 (888) 877-5436

Is HempWorx US Hemp Authority Certified?2019-11-04T12:12:18-08:00

Yes HempWorx is US Hemp Authority certified! See their certification here.  This means HempWorx follows best practices, high standards and self-regulation. Consumers can have peace of mind when ordering this brand.  Learn more at the US Hemp Authority Website.

Is there a coupon code for HempWorx?2019-11-04T12:14:13-08:00

No, HempWorx does not use coupon codes but they do offer Value Pack deals 24/7! You can save when you buy a 4 pack – Director Pack (aka Buy 3 Get 1 Free) or a 12 pack – Executive Pack. Save from $77 to $229. Mix and match too!  Need bigger savings? HempWorx has a wholesale program that is perfect for retailers!

What countries does HempWorx ship to?2019-11-04T12:14:57-08:00

Currently HempWorx ships across the US, UK, most of Europe and Nigeria.  If you wish to be notified when HempWorx is in your country, please fill out the form on this page: HempWorx Countries