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Having digestive troubles? BLD can help! Take with breakfast, lunch and dinner and before long you will be enjoying improved gut health and less discomfort when eating.

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Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Digestive Enzymes

Plant Enzymes with Probiotics

BLD Digestive Enzymes promotes healthy digestion when eating cooked or processed foods at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are three key enzymes in this innovative formula vital for breaking down and converting fat, proteins, and carbohydrates into energy sources.

In a healthy digestive system, nutrients are absorbed efficiently, and waste material is eliminated effectively. However, the typical modern diet contains cooked and processed foods which may deactivate natural enzymes and diminish nutritional content. BLD Digestive Enzymes is a great product to fill that gap, improve digestion and gut health.

Benefits of BLD Digestive Enzymes

  • Key enzymes break down and convert fat, carbohydrates and protein into energy
  • Supports healthy digestion of processed and cooked foods at every meal

BLD Digest Enzymes Ingredients

  • Lipase Enzyme is a specialized enzyme that breaks down fat (found in dairy, oil, meats, dressings) into fatty acids, necessary for energy production.
  • Amylase Enzyme transforms complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and oats into simple sugars, converting them into energy.
  • Protease and Peptidase Enzymes help breakdown various protein bonds (found in nuts, meats, beans, seeds) into the essential building blocks for our bodies, amino acids.

BLD Digestive Enzymes brings you comprehensive support necessary in today’s fast-paced, nutritionally deficient world. Experience healthier digestion, improved energy, and a more comfortable eating experience with BLD.

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3 reviews for BLD Digestive Enzymes

  1. Karena

    My adult daughter and I have been using BLD for the past 10 days and it works wonders!! We are experiencing healthy digestion, enhanced energy, and a more comfortable eating experience (WAY less bloating). How do we know that our digestion is working better? Great question! Simply put, we have less waste. BONUS is we are noticing that our WAIST is getting slimmer too!!

  2. June

    Oh my gosh the BLD IS amazing and it really works the way the ENZYMES breaks down your food is like no other. Thank you MyDailyChoice!

  3. Nona

    I’ve been using this produce for about 3 weeks now. Simply love it. It takes the food that you eat and turns it into energy. (It really does) Even though we eat, as well as we can, everything is processed in some way, which instead of feeling energized after eating you just feel blah. I found this especially helped when I was at a lunch and learn meeting on two different occasions. I’m also able to get more done in the afternoon, which had been turning into a problem. There are also many more pluses to this product, but this is what I see right away.

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