Charge Focus and Energy

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Looking for some natural energy? Feel more alert and energetic with this incredible blend of vitamins, minerals and patented ingredients. Take Charge of your life!

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Charge Focus and Energy offers superior support for:

  • Energy
  • Alertness
  • Focus

Feel alert and energetic, NATURALLY.

Charge Focus and Energy is a natural dietary supplement that enhances mental clarity and energy. Its unique combination of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, provides a powerful energy boost without causing jitters or crashes.

What makes Charge different from other energy supplements?

Charge contains a proprietary blend of exclusive and patented ingredients, like PharmaGABA®. You will be amazed at the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work synergistically in Charge.  Try it and experience the difference.

Charge Focus and Energy contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work together to provide energy and alertness.

There is 120mg of caffeine and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Delicious strawberry kiwi flavor.

Contains artificial sweetener.

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2 reviews for Charge Focus and Energy

  1. Becky

    One of our family favorites for the past 3 years, very refreshing with exactly the amount of focused energy you need to kick start your day!

  2. Becky

    The best start for our day!! No jitters and for our family it’s one and done! We mix ours with Collagen daily!

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