FLABuLESS – Get Waisted!

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Diminish the site of cellulite and streth marks while smoothing skin. Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils. Use daily for best results.

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Get Waisted & FLABuLESS with Our Fat Burning Body Rub

Now you can say goodbye to flabby skin, cellulite, stretch marks and fat. How? By using our amazing fat burning body rub, Get Waisted and FLABuLESS. It’s made with all natural ingredients and essential oils. Tighten skin and get a firmer, more toned look with regular use.

How to Use FLABuLESS Get Waisted:

  • Use 2 to 3 times daily on areas you wish to tighten such as stomach, arms, back, thighs.
  • To improve results, after applying product apply plastic wrap, compression garment or waist trainer.
  • Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water daily
  • Use with or without compression wrap. Just apply like body lotion and let it penetrate skin.
  • Excellent for work outs, increases sweating.

Who is this for?

Men and women can both use FLABuLESS body rub.

When will you see results?

Approximately 4-6 weeks depending on how frequent and how much is used.

How do I get the best price?

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6 reviews for FLABuLESS – Get Waisted!

  1. LaKisha

    As a mother of three wonderful grown adults, I was left with an unflattering postpartum belly. Despite my best efforts, I managed to flatten the top part of my stomach but the stubborn lower belly fat refused to budge. That’s when I discovered this incredible fat burning rub. After using this rub consistently, I noticed a significant reduction in the size of my lower abdomen. The transformation has been nothing short of phenomenal! The rub not only helped me shed those extra inches but also contributed to smoother and firmer skin. The joy of seeing results is simply indescribable and I am absolutely in love with my new figure. But wait, there’s more! Along with the stubborn belly fat, I also had the issue of saddlebags on the sides of my thighs – another common problem area that many women struggle with. I decided to apply the rub there and to my surprise, it worked wonders there too! My saddlebags are completely gone, leaving me with slimmer and more toned thighs.

  2. Toni

    In luvvvvvv! The very first day, I felt a little different. And I’m like no way..way! Second day of the challenge I’m convinced the my waistline is changing. This product has given me my belief back. And I’m definitely wearing a bikini in Dec Thanks to the amazing woman that created this entire line.

  3. Jason

    This product right here is amazing, as soon as I placed it on my core and started walking it activated… I recommend anyone looking to burn body fat to get this 10/10.

  4. Marcia

    Wonder Rub is what this is! My waist is definitely getting slimmer and my fupa smaller. I look forward to see the inches loss. My clothes definitely fit better since using the rub consistently. This product is amazing.

  5. Annie

    Waist eraser I am in love wirh this rub. It doesn’t, disappoint at all. It’s been 4 days and I can swe a difference. I am a believer!!!!

  6. Angela

    Y’all CoachAB is in tears..this rub is da TRUFFFF. I could honestly feel the results. However today I felt pressed upon to take pictures. Tears have been falling. If you only knew what is has taken to find that “it thing ‘ to push me towards my goals. 10lbs gone too….added bonus but not my end goal. I hope this encourages someone to keep rubbing.

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