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Set yourself up for success with our neuroscience weight loss program. Get daily Power Up videos that help you start your day right and weekly live Q & A sessions. If you are tired of failing, sabotaging and stopping and starting… if you have suffered for years, never making any progress… this tool is for YOU! It’s affordable and worth every cent. Try it for a month and see for yourself!

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Neuroscience Helps YOU Lose Weight and Feel Your BEST – for GOOD

ICAN Mind and Body can help you gain control of yo-yo dieting, lack of motivation, self-sabotage and so much more!

It shouldn’t be a constant battle to be healthy. We all know how tiring that gets! If you are ready to lose weight and finally improve your health FOR GOOD,  ICAN Mind & Body puts the power back in your control. This tool is proven and easy-to-use. ICAN is a science-backed brain training tool with support that will help you stick to your chosen weight loss plan. You will finally meet your goals without struggling, sabotaging yourself and yo-yo dieting. This program helps you get it right for good!

See what the program creator has to say:

ICAN Mind and Body isn’t a diet or an exercise plan; it’s a mindset re-training program that works with any weight loss plan you choose. It takes less than 10 minutes a day! You will learn to motivate yourself, re-frame negative thought patterns, stop relying on willpower, and make healthier choices under any circumstances (like birthday dinners or feeling super stressed and seeking comfort food!)

ICAN Mind and Body Helps You:

  • Stay on your chosen weight loss plan
  • Choose healthy foods
  • Stop sabotaging yourself
  • Reach goal weight easily
  • Stop rebound weight gain
  • Feel confident in your own skin
  • Love what you see in the mirror

Program Overview

Instead of forcing change with discipline and willpower, this one-of-a-kind system rewires the way the brain perceives the journey to a happier and healthier you. These proven ICAN Neuro Tools are simple and powerful daily exercises for your brain. Start everyday with a power-up video and partake in weekly live coaching/Q&A sessions and keep track with a wellness planner. All the tools you need for lasting weight loss results are right here.

Two Affordable Options

We have made it so that ANYONE can afford to use this powerful mindset tool. Pay monthly $19.95 or annually $199.95.

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ICAN Mind and Body

7 reviews for ICAN Mind and Body Weight Loss Mindset Programming

  1. Sonia

    Celebrating my module 1 completion with Ican neuro tools and I want to share how this has helped me with pivoting negative thoughts, help me do a little more when I feel I wanna stop and to let go of my past fears and triggers that led to emotional binge eating and negative thoughts. You can work on your body , diet , financial situation but if your mind ain’t growing and releasing them you will always end up in a vicious cycle! I do these audios as I do my deep breathing and my lymphatic flow exercises 2 weeks in and I am loving the results already! What I love the most is that it’s flexible and I can go at my own pace and use the tools when needed and to fit my schedule.

  2. Valarie

    This product makes wellness mindset simple. I am so grateful to have these NeuroTools, trainings, and resources at my fingertips, but the COMMUNITY of people on the same path who want to walk alongside and support one another is what is truly amazing! Thank you MDC and ICAN Mind & Body!

  3. Lisa

    Milestone Moment Stopped at the corner store to grab something to drink… Out of habit, I went straight to a Mountain Dew, (37 years been drinking this stuff daily) and then I put it back and got a water! I think these O’snap supplements and mindset reset are actually doing something to me! I can hear Deb in my head… Water is good, my body loves water, Water is refreshing…. It’s working!! Building new thought processes about old habits with the ICAN app!! I’m also using to help me quit smoking now too! It’s that good!

  4. Denise C

    This is the help I have needed all my life! Deb’s story is exactly my story. I feel pumped and I’m staying on track to lose the weight for good! I highly recommend this program. It’s only 20 bucks and you can cancel anytime. You have nothing to lose except poor self-esteem and pounds!

  5. LaKisha

    I am grateful for this program. I believe that mindset is over looked when it comes to weight loss and overall health. This is the missing link. I have also used this program to help me with my mindset when it comes to my IntraDay trading. I am so happy that MDC added this program to the company! What a game changer.

  6. Victoria

    When it comes to changing your life, improving your health, and supercharging your mindset, at the foundation of everything is the power of your thoughts. Through the ICAN Mind & Body you will learn to leverage the power of your thoughts, strengthen your willpower, and ultimately make an impact on your goals that energizes you every single day. At the end of the day, it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself. That means: Taking control of your thoughts, which is exactly what this program will do for you.

  7. Pete

    Through the ICAN Institute you will learn to leverage the power of your thoughts, improve the quality of your life and ultimately make an impact in the world that energizes you every single day. Yes it takes practice, commitment, and effort. But if you want to succeed and unlock your potential, then don’t hold anything back.

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