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With the rapid expansion of the CBD industry, many retailers are seeking premium hemp products to add to their inventories.  Demand for CBD and hemp products has exploded in recent years and the legalization of industrial hemp in many states has provided a steady supply of high quality CBD that retailers can take advantage of.  Both online and brick and mortar shops can benefit from the addition of CBD hemp products in their inventory. HempWorx offers several wholesale packages that will allow you to offer a great selection of premium CBD to your customers at great prices.  From CBD oil to health and beauty products, HempWorx offers a wide range of options for you and your customers!

Trusted Brand

HempWorx has worked hard to become a trusted household brand. Our belief in transparency and dedication to using only the highest quality hemp has made us an authority in the industry.  That is why hundreds of thousands of happy customers enjoy our CBD products daily.  Whether you buy HempWorx wholesale for your online store or for a physical location, your customers will be impressed with the various high quality products we keep in stock. HempWorx offers wholesale CBD oil in different strengths and flavours as well as THC Free and Full Spectrum with trace THC. Additionally you can buy other hemp products wholesale like like skin care, topical relief cream and even pet hemp products to offer a wide selection of CBD items.

What Shops Can Carry HempWorx?

Lots of different businesses buy HempWorx wholesale to stock their inventories. Online CBD Shops, Health Food Stores, Chiropractors, Gift Stores, Corner Grocery, Massage Therapists, Retail Stores, Gyms, Pet Stores, Veterinary Hospitals, Dispensaries, Yoga Studios, Kennels, Horse Facilities & Tack Shops, Spas & Beauty Salons are just a few of the types of businesses that choose to buy hemp products wholesale and offer them in their stores.  If you own or operate a store or other business location, buying HempWorx wholesale could be a smart decision for you!  Your customers will love HempWorx products!

Important Information for Wholesale HempWorx Buyers

  1. Shipping Times
    • HempWorx wholesale CBD orders are made up of large quantities of products so processing of your order and delivery may take up to 14 business days. We do not ship hemp products wholesale until payment has been received in full.
  2. Know Your States Laws
    • Please be sure to check with the local authorities to ensure you can legally sell CBD products in your area. It is up to you to determine if you are properly licensed. HempWorx cannot advise you on your local laws and it is out of our realm of responsibility to provide such information. Please do your due diligence. Some states still have different requirements and things are constantly changing, so if you are interested in buying hemp products wholesale, please make sure they are legal in your area before making a decision.
  3. Affiliate Account Included
    • When you place a wholesale HempWorx order, you automatically have an affiliate account. This allows you to also place smaller orders if needed. You can also send customers to your replicated HempWorx sites to order and you will earn commission on sales. Commission is paid weekly. HempWorx handles all the shipping, returns and payments that come through your replicated site. Because you purchased wholesale, the $20 affiliate fee is waived. You may even like to build a team of HempWorx reps or other wholesalers and earn on their sales too! There are many options to increase your bottom line.
  4. Marketing Materials
    • You are able to purchase marketing materials such as brochures, apparel and other items through your HempWorx back office.
  5. Non-Refundable
    • Wholesale orders are not refundable due to the extensive amount of time and effort it takes to fulfill wholesale orders.
  6. Price Guideline
    • You must sell at our minimum advertised prices. This protects the business of all of our affiliates and wholesalers. Undercutting is strictly prohibited and your account will be terminated if you engage in this practice. Excellent profitability is attainable if you follow these guidelines.

Wholesale Hemp Products

Would you like to join HempWorx as an affiliate?  We would love to make you part of our team!  Follow the link to find out more about how you can be your own boss and sell CBD products online or in a retail store.

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