The public price displayed when you do a city search to book a hotel will be the best online public price that a major booking site would sell that hotel room at. The High Life price is what you pay after the prepaid travel savings are applied. The prepaid savings reduce the price of the booking from retail to wholesale. You will receive the full discount available as long as you have prepaid travel savings in your balance to cover the total savings.

Here’s an example: If you have $7,000 in travel savings available in your prepaid travel balance and you book a 3 night stay in Atlanta and the hotel available savings is $300, you would save $300 off the retail public price by using your prepaid travel savings balance. Your remaining savings balance after you book this hotel would be $6,700 because you used $300 savings dollars to save on your Atlanta hotel. The remaining $6700 in travel savings is available for your future travel bookings. When you use all of your $7,000 on your bookings, you can repurchase and reload your savings balance.