HempWorx CBD Review

HempWorx CBD is a US Hemp Authority Certified brand that embraces transparency in all aspects of how they conduct business, as well as where they obtain their raw hemp plants. Also, they are one of the few hemp companies that does not make medical claims or offer specific dosing guidelines for a range of serious medical conditions. The FDA is getting tough on the brands making outlandish claims, so you will note that HempWorx clearly states on their website that CBD is not approved by the FDA as a medicine, and as such none of the products are designed to “cure, treat, heal, or prevent” any type of disease.

HempWorx CBD oil brand, owned by My Daily Choice in Las Vegas, is one of a very select few that operates wholly within the USA. Raw hemp material from farms in Kentucky is processed using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction techniques.  The active CBD compound from the raw plant material maintains its purity and creates a premium finished product.

In this complete HempWorx CBD review, we will go over the product range, price comparisons to some of the other established brands in the industry, and what customers are saying.

Who Is HempWorx CBD?

Josh and Jenna Zwagil created HempWorx CBD, a brand that operates under My Daily Choice as an affiliate business model. Affiliates advertise and represent the company both on and offline while the company fulfills the orders from a central location. Many brick and mortar companies stock the products on their store shelves as well.

A unique business model that really adds a personal level of customer service to the consumer experience. Many preferred customers end up becoming affiliates due to their love of these premium CBD products.

Hemp grown in Kentucky is considered to be of the finest quality one can find in the United States. Many are convinced better CBD-rich strains come from the natural soil content and climate as compared to those found in California and Colorado.

Worth noting, HempWorx ships to the entire United States, UK, most of Europe, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and will add more countries as they are approved for CBD sales.

HempWorx CBD Hair CareHempWorx CBD Products

The HempWorx CBD product lineup continues to grow! Full spectrum CBD  hemp extracts tinctures now come in 500, 750 and 1500 mg! (the most popular product). Two sizes in THC free CBD are also available: 500 and 750 mg. The range includes topical treatments, Relief, Renew and Revive in different sizes as well as a new Hemp Haircare line that is simply divine! Pets are not forgotten as you can get pet-specific products: 250 mg oil and dog treats. (dogs go nuts for these!)

  • HempWorx Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures. The oil drops come in three different potencies (500, 750 and 1500) and are available in either Natural, Cinnamon or Peppermint flavor. Per 20 drop serving, the HempWorx 500 = 10 mg of CBD, 750 = 15 mg and 1500 = 30 mg (there are 1000 drops in a 1 oz bottle).
  • HempWorx CBD Topical Creams. HempWorks topical creams are available in three varieties: Relief, Revive, and Refresh. “Relief” is an icy muscle rub that works fast and contains emu oil, while the “Refresh” and “Revive” are beautifying anti-aging skin care containing ingredients like apple stem cells and collagen.
  • HempWorx Pet CBD. Designed for both dog and cats, the HempWorx CBD pet line includes bacon flavored 250 mg CBD oil, as well as beef flavored CBD dog-specific treats that contain 2.5 mg of CBD each (not for cats: can be used for both small and large dogs). Newly added Joint Health and Whole Health pet products.
  • Hemp Hair Care. Infused with hemp seed oil, this divine haircare collection is made up of shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum. (a hemp infused body lotion rounds out the line) Available in regular and deep hydration, this product passes CBD Online’s double thumbs up review! Incredible. Your hair will LOVE it.

HempWorx CBD: Prices

  • HempWorx Topical Creams. HempWorx “Relief” Icy CBD Rub is available in 2 sizes now! ($69 & $89) // HempWorx “Refresh” Anti-Aging CBD Cream is available in 2 sizes now! ($69 & $89) // HempWorx “Revive” Anti-Aging CBD Cream w/ Collagen ($69)
  • HempWorx CBD Oil for Pets. 250 mg CBD oil for pets ($39) // HempWorx CBD Pet Treats ($39) (approx. 33 treats per bag) // Pet Joint Health ($42) // Pet Whole Health ($42)
  • Hemp Hair Care. Salon quality grade hemp infused hair products: Large bottles and affordable prices! 16.9 oz for $39 ea, Shampoo & Conditioner, $69 for a 16.9 oz tub of high quality Hair Mask and finally Hair Serum, $89 3.4 oz of cold pressed hemp seed oil that will leave your hair nourished and soft.

HempWorx CBD Oil: Notations

The top reasons why CBD Online likes this company, and a complete HempWorx review of the brand and range of products:

  • Manufactured from Kentucky grown hemp. HempWorx relationship with Kentucky hemp farms means that they manufacture some of the highest quality CBD hemp derived products in the USA.
  • Fast shipping. Most points in the USA experience very fast shipping times. Orders ship within 48 hours in most cases and customers can track their shipments from their account.
  • Discount Pack options. Get great discounts on value packs.
  • Pure CO2 extraction. The most expensive extraction method combined with the highest quality hemp from Kentucky farms, virtually guarantees a pure, potent end product.
  • 100% Made in the USA. In the CBD industry, this is a big deal. The USA is known to have the highest quality hemp crops. Many brands outsource to Asia and Europe, but not HempWorx. The CBD oil is a 100% US high quality product that is competitively priced too!
  • HempWorx Offers: A full range of exciting industrial hemp products. There are even pet products. Customers can also order My Daily Choice nutritional sprays, Mantra essential oils and partake in the new High Life Travel program!


With the massive growth in the past two plus years, HempWorx has expanded it’s reach and can be found in countries such as the USA, Canada, EU, UK, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and more are on the horizon!

Reviews on HempWorx

Reviews from actual customers can be found in our CBD Online Shop. Click on any product and you will see be able to read what HempWorx customers have to say. Please note that due to FDA rules, comments on diseases etc are not allowed to be posted so some reviews have been edited to be compliant.

HempWorx CBD Oil Review: Summary

We  hope this article and video has helped you get a better understanding of the effort and love that has gone in to creating an incredibly pure hemp-derived CBD product line. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out via toll free telephone at: 1 833 633 4367 or visit the contact page of this HempWorx website to use our email form.

Learn more about HempWorx at: https://cbdonline.global

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