What is a HempWorx Road Show?

***UPDATE*** New Roadshow Events coming for 2023!

This is a fun event for both affiliates and their guests. Learn more about HempWorx’s life-changing CBD hemp products, unique work from home business opportunity, and how you can join in on the emerging CBD industry! HempWorx Road Shows will help you determine if a CBD business opportunity is for you!

Event tickets are $20 and they include a FREE HEMPWORX Affiliate Enrollment! Every prospect that attends can enroll for FREE at the event! This enrollment promotion is only for prospects who attend the event.

HempWorx Road Show 2020, HempWorx Events

What You Will Experience at a HempWorx Road Show

  • Affiliate Skill Training
  • Affiliate Stories
  • Affiliate Interviews
  • Compliance Training
  • Rank Recognition
  • Product Launches and Education
  • Opportunity Presentation
  • Promotions and International Updates

If you are interested in joining my team and attending a HempWorx Road Show in your city, let me know and I’ll help you get tickets to the event or Click here to buy Event Tickets tickets.

HempWorx Orland Event, MDC, MydailychoiceHempWorx 2020 Events

  • Las Vegas – CANCELLED
    Mar 21 •
  • Orlando – Virtual Event
    May 30 •  Register at www.MDCVirtualEvent.com
  • Nashville
    Jun 20 •
  • Indianapolis
    Apr 25 •
  • Philadelphia
    Jul 18 •

Past Events:

2019 Road Show Schedule

Summer Road Shows:

August 31, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

August 17, Indianapolis, Indiana

August 10, Detroit, Michigan

August 3, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

July 20, Baltimore, Maryland

July 3, Charlotte, North Carolina

June 15, Orlando, Florida

Past Road Shows:

Jun 1, Nashville, Tennessee

May 11, St. Louis, Missouri

May 4, Atlanta, Georgia

April 20, Houston, Texas

April 13, Dallas, Texas

April 8, Wichita, Kansas

Mar 16, Phoenix, Arizona

Mar 9, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mar 2, Seattle Washington

Feb, 23 Anaheim California


Nashville Road Show

HempWorx Nashville Road Show was a huge success! My business partner and team mate, Bryan Madison aka #CowboyDude had a blast. He says it was so informative and the energy was through the roof.

Career in the CBD Industry

Have you heard about the CBD business? Would you like to know how you can start your own CBD business from the comfort of home? Did you know that HempWorx is one of only 13 companies approved by the US Hemp Authority? This means you can sell CBD hemp products with confidence! HempWorx has become a household brand that is known across the USA. The intention is to take this company global and already the products are available in the UK, Europe and Ghana with more being added soon!

Take a FREE Business Opportunity Tour

Would you like to learn more about HempWorx, the opportunity and the products but you are unable to make it to a Road Show event? That’s ok! We’ve got you covered. Take a no obligation free tour here: Join MyDailyChoice. The cool thing is, when you sign up for the business tour, it locks in your position in the tree! That means, when others sign up or take the tour AFTER you, they will be in your success line… it’s an awesome feature that can show you right away the potential to grow a viable business from home. You have nothing to lose. No risk at all.