Essential oils play a huge role in my daily routine. My favorite are the Mantra Chakra Blends. When I’m sitting at my desk I have peaceful music playing, while I diffuse a Mantra essential oil, or blend of a few different oils. Ahhhh, my office is so happy, peaceful and refreshing. I get so much done in this space now.

Align Your Chakras and Feel Enlivened

Mantra’s Most Popular Essential Oils Now Available Individually!

Essential oils can play a big part in your daily health and wellness routine. Align your chakras and enliven your senses with six soul-enriching oil blends. Each Mantra Chakra Blend is carefully formulated for topical and aromatic use. Pick and choose your favorites!

·         Enjoy Mantra Relax Blend as you unwind and recenter.

·         Fill your body and any room with inspiration and motivation with Mantra Energy Blend.

·         Let Mantra Chakra Blend Focus give you the presence of mind to accomplish anything.

·         Open your passageways and your mind so you can live in the moment with Mantra Breathe Blend.

·         Reclaim your strength and push through any challenge with Mantra Restore Blend.

·         Nothing accompanies a deep restful state like Mantra Sleep Blend.

Begin a journey toward completion today. Discover our unique and empowering line of Mantra Chakra Blends, now available as single oils or the original boxed set.

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What Are Essential Oils Used for?

Mantra Chakra Blends are used for many reasons. When you need to focus and balance. Restore and relax. Diffusing essential oils changes the way your space feels. It becomes more conducive to manifesting and helps encourage a peaceful atmosphere. We all need that! Use while meditating or doing your favorite yoga routine. Apply topically. There are so many uses for essential oils. They have been used for many thousands of years to improve health and wellness and induce deep states of relaxation. It’s in those quiet spaces that we connect with the great power of the universe and  manifest our hearts desires.