Pink-Drink-XeTrm-ReviewGuys and gals… swimsuit season is fast approaching and if you still have another 5-10 pounds to kick you need to get yourself some pink drink.  I have lost 20+ pounds and I feel amazing! The pink drink does so many great things for your gut. That’s where true weight loss starts is in healing the gut. I also have so much more energy throughout the day. No more feeling sluggish. This also helps me stay hydrated which is so very important. When I drink my pink drink I’m not as hungry and I have zero food cravings. There are so many long term benefits to drinking this as well. The ingredients are good for you! Trust me you will feel so much better! We have a 3 pack special on now!

Barb M

Pink-Drink-XeTrm-Review NatalieThis pink drink has been my best friend for about 2 years but ESPECIALLY during the holidays. It gives me the energy to do ALL the things and keeps my appetite suppressed! I still eat what I want but I just eat WAY LESS! I did not gain an ounce of weight over the holidays! The natural productive energy is off the charts! No shakes no jitters, no racing heart and no crashing! It’s super healthy too! Today was woke up and drank one around 9:30 am- cleaned my entire house, swept, mopped, put the Christmas tree and decorations away, swept again because of the flocked tree lol, cleaned the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher (my least favorite chore) did 2 loads of laundry and I can’t believe it’s already evening! I had my drink this morning and just now had a very light dinner which was chicken fajita meat wrapped on a tortilla. I’m serious. I can’t live without my pink drink. It truly makes me feel so alive and SO GOOD! It actually has an ingredient that lifts your mood. So if you are feeling gloomy or down you need to try this!

Natalie W

Pink-Drink-XeTrm-Review-I am so excited to UPDATE everyone on what I think about the pink drink! I have been drinking two packages a day for a week now. And just to be clear, this isn’t like ANY OTHER pink drink you’ve heard of in the past. This is a new amazing drink that can do so much. The ingredients in this drink are THE key!
For me, it has been a game changer. I am down 6 pounds this last week!! That’s huge for an average person, but I’m an older female who has struggled to lose weight for as long as I can remember. I was lucky if I could lose a pound a week. So, if losing weight is hard for you, I encourage you to give this drink a try.
People always ask, so what else did you do, or what did you do different? Well, I haven’t changed my habits, but this drink has changed my behaviors! Because I am drinking this pink drink, I also have FOCUS and MORE ENERGY. This focus allows me to keep working on my projects and not vegging out on the couch like I would a few times a week. Sorry TV!

For example, yesterday I was able to help my husband with our basement floor project for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. I was on my feet and doing lifting and carrying of laminate flooring bundles. There’s no way I would have even been inclined to help with this kind of project before this pink drink. What I love about the energy is that it isn’t like what you get from store bought drinks with chemically made caffeine. Natural occurring caffeine from plants is an even, smooth boost that doesn’t give me jitters or a crash a few hours later leaving me craving more.I love that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose – except weight.

Pink Drink XeTrm Reviews Denise Chapman
PINK Drink Helps My Gut, Mind and Appetite!
I am very happy to do a pink drink xetrm review. I started on this awesome delightful pink drink on Aug 9/2022. Immediately it provided me energy and also helped with regularity. It’s improved my mood and it helps control my appetite. I am down several pounds now. Try it out. I drink this every morning as soon as I get up. I replaced coffee with PINK and it’s been the best decision. There is also no jitters. When I drink the pink, I can fast all day too! It’s keto friendly which is awesome as well.

Denise Chapman

Pink Drink XeTrm Reviews Vicky

Enjoying my pink drink on my daughter’s deck—Beautiful view! I always drank too many Pepsi–now I have replaced my Pepsi & enjoy 2 Pink Drink a day–Delicious & Healthy! Pink Drink is beneficial to your overall health, not just for Energy & Weight Loss! Just look at the ingredients:

– High antioxidants,  Metabolism, Suppresses appetite. Mental & Physical energy!
– Decreases hunger & cravings
– Antioxidants
– Digestive enzymes for a healthy gut
– Mental Focus, Mood & Metabolism
-Rich in Antioxidants

No sugar, no artificial flavors or colors & only 10 calories. I absolutely love my XeTrm Pink Drink!

Vicky K

Pink Drink XeTrm Reviews Lynn

I am an absolute PINK DRINK XeTrm LOVER!! This drink helped me drop a total of 31 lbs + 3 pant sizes! Plus my knees feel so much better! Best part is ~ it’s been 1 year and I haven’t even gained 1 lb of it back! Not even after Thanksgiving and I ate! This has never happened in my adult life! I was a typical yo-yo dieter with different pant sizes in my closet! Now I only have 1 new size! I donated the other 3 sizes – that’s how confident I am! I mostly drink 1 a day to maintain but sometimes 2 for extra energy. I recommend drinking at least 2 a day to help you hit your goal. You can also drink it warm plus there is now a new flavor, apple crisp ( it’s green ).

Lynn C

Pink Drink XeTrm Reviews Aaron
PINK Drink XeTrm Review for Men Too!
Found a great combo in the pink drink and the ever so super popular detox tea! Each of them are amazing separate too! Pink drink for me is a tasty, clean ingredient focus, energy, and gut health. The tea is the perfect balance for helping to detox no matter who ya are or where you’re at in your health journey! Eating healthy can only do so much when you breathe in NW Indiana air by the mills where we are. Highly recommend either one of these if you’re looking for any of these things! Perfect for anyone on a weight loss journey or one that is super conscious about their health.

Aaron H

Pink Drink XeTrm Reviews Brenda

If you’re on the fence about this XeTrm Pink Drink, throw caution to the wind and order some! I can’t say enough good things about this beverage! It’s Pink-alicious! Energy, appetite suppressant, mental clarity, weight loss, less belly fat, KETO friendly, contains probiotics so excellent for our gut health which means better daily poops! (Sorry, TMI, but so many suffer from constipation and more!), mood enhancer, wild berry flavor! I simply love it and would never start my day without it!

Brenda R

Pink Drink XeTrm Reviews Tami
Thank you “Pink Drink”
I am just going to tell you how this drink helped me last weekend! We went on a motorcycle trip to see the southern MN waterfalls! Well some of those falls we had to do some hiking like the one pictured below! A year ago I wouldn’t have made a mile walk through the woods to see this site. But now, after drinking this amazing drink everyday! And getting these awesome side effects:
Dropped 25 lbs 
Energy like a 3 year old
Stamina to last all day
Better/happy mood
Appetite has decreased 
Gut health has increased
I made it to this beautiful waterfall and others! This wasn’t the only hike, we had a few and I made them all! It was a great time, with great friends, and I thank this amazing drink for helping me along the way! Don’t hesitate, it’s really the BEST product I’ve used in a long time! Pink Drink XeTrm for the win!

Tami R

In addition to the Pink Drink XeTrm Reviews, here is a handy FAQ on the product as well:

Pink Drink XeTrm FAQ

1. How much water should I mix XeTrm with?

We recommend 6-10oz of water. The less water you use, usually the faster you will drink it. You really want to consume it within 5-10 minutes for best results.

2. Should i drink XeTrm Pink Drink before or after a meal?

Pink Drink is best consumed on an empty stomach. You should also swish your first sip around in your mouth to get it absorbing quickly.

3. How does XeTrm it taste?

Amazing! It is berry or apple crisp flavor and very well liked by most people. You can drink it at room temp or over ice. You can also mix it with any healthy beverages like unsweetened flavored water.

4. Does XeTrm have any sugar?

It has no sugar and is keto friendly. It is sweetened with stevia but doesn’t have an after taste like some products do that are sweetened with stevia.

5. How many packets of XeTrm should I drink a day?

1-2 is what most people do. Early morning, afternoon or both on an empty stomach. Personally I do 6am and noon.

6. How much caffeine is in Pink Drink? Does it cause jitters?

You can’t really give a number when it’s naturally occurring, meaning, it’s the caffeine that’s a part of the plant. It’s not added to the formula.
It is less caffeine than a cup of coffee. The important thing to remember is watch the testimonials. Not one person has talked about experiencing jitters. Naturally occurring caffeine is responsible for that for most people.

7. How much does XeTrm Pink Drink cost?

It comes in a single pack as well as a 3 pack SPECIAL. It’s $49 for 30 sticks. It also comes in a 3 pack (90 sticks) which saves you a bit of money at $139!

8. How do I order XeTrm?

You can order right here online or call toll free from USA and Canada at 1-833-633-4367

9. Is there a group I can join to see more testimonials?

Yes! We have a great testimonial group. If you want to be added, message Denise Chapman on Facebook Messenger and ask her to invite you to the group:

10. Is this the same XeTrm Pink Drink that is going wild in Ireland and the UK?

Yes, it is the exact same one! Ireland is loving XeTrm and UK is quickly catching on!

11. How can I become a MyDailyChoice Affiliate and sell XeTrm?

You can click HERE to become an affiliate and immediately start to sell and earn commissions on your sales. Get paid every Thursday!

12. I’m trying to order XeTrm and it’s asking for a referrer code, what do I do?

You can enter CBDD as your referrer code.

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