Hemp Momma Now in Canada!

If you are looking for a sustainable brand of hemp clothing Canada, look no more! Hemp Momma Canada has arrived and the clothes are absolutely beautiful!

Choose from jumpers, shorts, sport bras, active wear, shirts, t’s and more! Both men and women will thoroughly enjoy the comfort and style of these gorgeous pieces. Mix and match, layer and create your own unique look.

Hemp Uses Minimal Water

Hemp Bra Top, Hemp Activewear, Hemp ClothingThese hemp fabric blends feel good and are good for our planet too! Hemp uses minimal water to grow and is an extremely durable natural fiber. It’s only natural that clothing that can last for years comes from the hemp plant! Embrace hemp clothing Canada, because though it is initially more expensive, it lasts far longer than cheap department store brands. When you purchase sustainable clothing, YOU are helping our planet!

Why Choose Hemp Momma Canada Clothes?

Because we care HOW the clothing is made.

Our clothing respects both people and our planet. At the moment, the majority of hemp for fabrics is grown, milled and processed in Asian countries. Since hemp production was legalized in the USA in 2018, the US has been putting the infrastructure in place to compete on a global scale. Hemp Momma is working on domestic collaborations to support US hemp farmers and be a significant contributor to the new hemp industry. In the mean time, we are very proud of the dedicated manufacturing partners we have aligned with in Asia. They exude a passion for hemp, safe working conditions, fair labour practices and care for the environment. Hemp Momma takes every step possible to be certain you can feel good wearing our hemp clothing Canada.

Our factory certifications are important and include:

  • GOTS: Global Organic Textile Exchange Standard
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100: Garments free of harmful substances
  • Wrap: World Responsible Apparel Production
  • Control Union Certification: Sustainable supply chains

Hemp Clothing Canada

Canadians are becoming more conscious of the environment and are looking for ways to contribute to saving the planet. One key way is to support hemp. This versatile plant can do so much for the future of our world. We hope you will try our Hemp Momma Canada brand and feel good about giving our planet some help.