Semper – HempWorx Dog Testimonial

“February 7th 2018 to March 22nd 2018. Gaining some muscle mass back in his head. Now tell me CBD Oil doesn’t work. Can’t believe I ever doubted it”

That is what Mare had to say about her fur baby!

I am in total amazement!

Semper just turned 2 years old last month. He had trouble maintaining healthy immune function. My heart is so full for him and his family.

Because of his size we used HempWorx 500 cbd oil. 7 drops 2 x a day did the trick! The full spectrum version is what I used. It contains trace THC but does not get our dog high. Very pleased with the results to say the least! I think every pet should be on CBD especially HempWorx for pets!!

Send us your HempWorx Dog Testimonial! Love to hear how it’s helping your pooch!


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