You have a lot of options when it comes to purchasing the CBD oils and edibles that you need. Unfortunately, not all of the CBD products you can buy online meet the same high standards for quality, purity or safety.

More than a few producers source their oils from whoever will provide it at the cheapest price, without any regard for how or where the hemp that provides it is grown. Many producers don’t guarantee potency with regular testing or check for the presence of dangerous microbes.

That’s why we’re so proud to carry the HempWorx line of products. Few companies go as far to ensure that their CBD is clean,  and works as expected every single time. This brand sets itself from the competition in several important ways—including local farming, intense (and public) testing and one of the best guarantees around.

Extracted from Safe, Kentucky-grown Hemp

The CBD in HempWorx products is taken from hemp crops grown in Kentucky. For your safety, the hemp is raised free of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. However, the care doesn’t stop there.

The hemp is analyzed multiple times throughout the process to ensure that no contaminants have entered it. When the CBD is finally extracted, it is done through the CO2 method. This type of extraction doesn’t require the use of any chemical solvent, meaning all that is left behind is the hemp extract.

Any materials that may have been on the plant, such as molds or particles from the air, are removed in a drying process that ensures the purity of the final product.

Potent Full-Spectrum Oils

Most store-bought hemp products are made with oil only from the hemp seeds and not the entire plant. While the oil from the seeds may be healthy and pleasantly rich in flavor, it simply does not contain much CBD.

The potent oil that HempWorx produces is extracted from the stalk of the plant, and only from the stalks of plants that have been specifically cultivated to high amounts of CBD. As a result, the full-spectrum CBD oil is rich in both CBD and nutrients. By the weight, it’s one of the most CBD-dense oils available.

The potency means that the effects you expect and need are reliable order after order. Despite this consistency, Hempworx pricing is not higher than other CBD oils that cannot make the same promises.

Certified Lab Testing—Whenever You Want to See It

HempWorx is so confident in the quality of their oil because they can account for its purity and strength effortlessly. In addition to the testing that is done before the extraction process, samples are regularly sent out to 3rd-part laboratories in order to ensure that the results are always consistent.

The tests include everything needed to determine safety and potency, including…

  • Gas Chromatography
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • CBD Density
  • Antimicrobial Tests

The results of these tests are always available on the HempWorx website.  Click on the Documentation link.

The Most Confident Guarantee Online

The final advantage of HempWorx is that every purchase of CBD products is risk-free. Every product is eligible for refund up to 60 days after purchase, even if it has been opened. As HempWorx reviews will testify, this is not something that most buyers ever need to consider.